Clothing + Closeouts

Black Maxit Bandit Headbands 101010009


Brown Duck Blanket Lined Chore Coat C01BRN


Bulwark Flame Resistant Button Front Dress Uniform Shirt SEG20N


Bulwark Flame Resistant Fleece Zipper Front Sweatshirt SFH6GY


Bulwark Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Work Shirt SEW2


Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Work Pants PEW2NV


Carhartt Quilt Lined Arctic Brown Duck Coverall X02BRN


Carhartt Arctic Brown Duck Quilt Lined Bib Overalls R03BRN


Carhartt Arctic Brown Duck Quilt Lined jacket J02BRN


Carhartt Brown Duck Blanket Lined Jacket J01BRN


Carhartt Brown Duck Double Knee Work Dungaree B01BRN


Carhartt Brown Duck Quilt Lined Bib Overall R02BRN


Carhartt Brown Duck Quilt Lined Coverall X01BRN


Carhartt Darkstone Blue Denim Flannel Lined Relaxed Fit Jeans B172DST


Carhartt Flame Resistant All Season Bomber Jacket FRJ020


Carhartt Flame Resistant Brown Duck Work Dungaree FRB229BRN


Carhartt Flame Resistant Chambray Shirt FRS191


Carhartt Flame Resistant Force Cotton Long Sleeve Mock Turtleneck 100549


Carhartt Flame Resistant Force Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt 100235


Carhartt Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Tradesmen Shirt FRS159


Carhartt Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Work-Dry T Shirt FRK009


Carhartt Flame Resistant Midweight Canvas Dearborn Jacket 101624


Carhartt Flame Resistant Short Sleeve Work-Dry® T-Shirt FRK008


Carhartt Flame Resistant Unlined Midweight Canvas Coverall FRK007GKH


Carhartt Flame Resistant Unlined Twill Coverall FRX010


Class 2 High Visibility Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 3790


Flame Resistant Carbtex® Gloves ATX20


Flame Resistant CLass 2 High Visibility Safety Vest By Bulwark VMV2YE


Flame Resistant Classic Plaid Shirt By Carhartt 101028


Flame Resistant Gray Force Cotton Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt By Carhartt 101153


Flame Resistant Navy Force Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt 101153


Hall’s Adult Lineman T-Shirt


Hall’s Child Lineman T-Shirt


Hall’s Lineman Logo Sport Shirt


Lee Classic Stone Wash Jeans 5591


Lee Regular Fit Blue Jeans 8989


Natwear Flame Resistance High Visibility Jacket 22J


NatWear Flame Resistant High Visibility Bib Pants 22B


NatWear Natflex Rainwear Jacket 8076-48


NatWear Natpro Rainwear Jacket 8126-48


NatWear Neosafe Rainwear Bib Overalls 2186-50


NatWear Neosafe Rainwear Hood 118-0


NatWear Neosafe Rainwear Jacket With Attatched Hood 8186-44


NatWear Neosafe Rainwear Jacket with Snaps For Hood 8186-48


Natwear Series 22 Natarc 11 Jacket 81223-578


NatWear Series 25 Natacr Flame Resistant Rainwear Jacket 8253-574F


NatWear Series 25 NATARC Flame Resistant Rainwear Bibs 2256-99F


NatWear Series 25 Natarc Rainwear Jacket, Coat, Bibs 8256


Neese 7000™ FR Rainwear Bibs 7000BTF


Neese 9000™ FR Rainwear Bibs 9000BTF


Neese 9000™ FR Rainwear Jacket 9000AJ


Neese Flame Resistant High Visibility Rainwear Bibs 211BT


Neese Telcom 7000™ FR Rainwear Jacket 7000AJ


Plains Sock Liner


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Henley Shirt HENL38


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Insulated Coveralls IJS16


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Navy Cargo Work Pants CRG3025


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Relaxed Fit Denim Jeans RXDJ37


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Work Jacket JACS32


Saf-Tech Flame Resistant Zippered Front Oil Field Coverall JSZP07


Trouser Belt Leather


Tyndale Flame Resistant Lightweight Long Sleeve Pullover Henley F060T


Tyndale Flame Resistant Lightweight Short Sleeve Henley F061T


Tyndale Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Premium Button Down Shirt F110T


Tyndale Flame Resistant Premium Long Sleeve Polo Shirt F040T


Tyndale Flame Resistant Premium Short Sleeve Shirt F025T


Tyndale FR Short Sleeve Premium Button Down Shirt F111T


Winter Liner Flannel Lined GL5RFL


Winter Liner Sock Type WL20 WL20XL