Non-Conductive Glow Rod Versa Kit

These non-conductive sectional fiberglass glow fish rods are perfect for drop ceilings, attics, floors, walls, and crawl spaces. Their high strength and flexibility helps them handle turns easily without breaking.  Designed for maximum versatility, threaded sections make it possible to customize rod length to any job and a variety of accessories make it easier to handle any wiring situation.  These kits contain different diameters of rods that feature the same size ferrules so they can be used together in any combination for ultimate on the job customizing.

Versa Kit Contains:

  • Two 1/4" x 6' Rods (male and female ferrule ends).
  • Two 3/16" x 5' Rods (male and female ferrule ends).
  • One 5/32" x 6' Rod (permanently mounted bullet eye on each end).
  • One 5/32" x 6' Rod (male and femal ferrule ends).
  • One Hook (grasp and retrieve).
  • One Whisk (Guides rod, avoids obstacles).

Product Number: 7-8VK


Call 800-227-4255 to order.