Ultimate AC 3000, 3115 Sensor Pen

Audio and visual alert.  Audio alert will only react to AC voltage field, and will not beep when in comes in contact with a static field.  Determines the presence of 50-1000 volts AC in insulated wires, wall receptacles, fuses, junction boxes, switches, and other voltage-carrying electrical systems.  Not necessary to disconnect the system because no contact is required for operation and current flow is not necessary to locate voltage.  Simply touch the plastic tip to a connection point or move it along a wire.  Tip will glow red and a tone will be produced if AC voltage is present.  Uses 2 AAA batteries (included).  Length:  5 7/8".


3000: Ultimate

3115: Mostly same, does not beep only lights up.

Product Number: 3000, 3115



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